Fashionable Dress with Charity van der Meer - 13 to 15 October 2018

13 Oct 2018 - 15 Oct 2018

MG 3348

This workshop will focus on working creatively and concentrating on designing a one-piece nuno felted dress. You will also explore the structures and rough surface using different techniques and materials.

Students will learn how to create pleats to add extra float accent into their projects.

Students will develop and enlarge their own pattern with a very simple, but effective method that will help them develop their own pattern that suits and fits them.

In addition, students will be creating textures on the surface to create an unfussy style. You will get to work with all kinds of fibers (linen, soya, silk fibers) and raw wool to create the textures to your own liking. This will open a new world of possibilities and is a great opportunity to learn how to create your fashionable and wearable dresses using techniques that Charity uses in her collections.

Students will also learn how to enlarge a normal pattern into a felting pattern using simple basic techniques that Charity uses in her work.

No sewing needed.


General information about workshop arrangements - specific details about your workshop will be emailed to confirmed participants approximately 1 month before the workshop.


Tutor: Charity van der Meer

Skill level:  Advanced

Venue:  Chifley Health and Wellness Hub

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