Dyeversity with Rachel Meek - 8 September 2018

8 Sep 2018

During this one day workshop, students will be introduced to the wonderful world of dyeing with Landscape Dyes. Techniques of dyeing fibre (wool tops, silk, alpaca etc) yarns, felt and silk fabric will be explored - both microwave and pot dyeing. You will learn how to mix colours to create your own personal palette, overdye colours on silk fabric/felt and use simple resists on silk fabrics/felt.


Dyed wool tops

Dyed felt


General information about workshop arrangements - specific details about your workshop will be emailed to confirmed participants approximately 1 month before the workshop.


TutorRachel Meek

Skill level:  must have completed a Beginners Workshop 

Venue:  Chifley Health and Wellness Hub


Workshop terms and conditions


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