Olga Finkle

Olga combines her skills and experience in design and fine art with innovative methods of felting, to achieve unique texture, colour and depth in pictures created from wool. 

Olga graduated as a fashion designer in the Ukraine. She developed her skills further after moving to Melbourne, where she built up her own successful millinery label as a special occasion headwear designer.
Through making a simple felt scarf for herself she just fell in love with felting and, discovering countless opportunities it presents, has decided to fully dedicate herself to felting.

In her work Olga constantly searches for balance between subtlety and sharpness, light and shadow, rough and smooth. Her ongoing journey winds through new ways of seeing, resulting in new ways of felting. 
Olga shares her knowledge and experience through workshops, participating in forums and has publishing in Felt magazine.

Olga’s works were presented in numerous art galleries as well as solo and group exhibitions, winning awards and prizes and finding new homes all over the world.