Charity van der Meer



Charity van der Meer graduated in Fashion and Knitwear Design at Nottingham University of Art and Design in the UK, then moved to the Netherlands. There Charity created her fashion style using felt and knitting techniques. Full of new ideas and new techniques inspired by nature and with the use of durable and ecological products, Charity created her collections.

Felt has given her the opportunity to express herself beyond the conformity of traditional felt making and dressmaking. There are endless possibilities, and is constantly researching new materials and new techniques, trying to make other people understand the properties of wool with the emphasis on its natural and durable character. Durability is her main passion. The high quality of the natural material is actually reinforced by the felting process. It makes it stronger, water-tight and resistant to dirt and other contamination.

Charity teaches in the Netherlands and abroad. Her contact with so many cultures informs ideas and inspires her towards new creations. Through traveling Charity meets many other designers and exchange ideas.