Charity van der Meer

Charity van der Meer-Musoma is a fashion designer specialized in hand-made ecological garments. She qualified as a Fashion and Knitwear Designer at Nottingham Trent University of Art and Design (UK) in 2002.

She employs her unique style and cultural flare to create new fashion style using felt and knitting techniques. Today, her contemporary designs are inspired by nature itself.

Charity’s mission is to create unique, natural, sustainable and wearable garments and to share this with others around the world. To produce her collections, Charity uses new ideas and techniques that are inspired by nature and uses durable and ecological products.

Her brand name is Sharit, which comes from Share-It. Sharit embodies Charity’s passion for sharing her creations with others and to inspire them and stimulate their creative thoughts.

All materials she uses will tell their own story through her pieces when worn. Her theme is also to let other people understand the endless possibilities of wool with the emphasis on the natural and durable character.

She travels all around the world teaching felt fashion and felt techniques. Her contact with so many cultures encourages her ideas and inspires her towards new creations. Her dream of sharing is her reality and she is constantly stimulated through others with new ideas.